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"NEOMASH" was established in 2001, and has been the successor of ЕТ “NEOTEXT – Kremena Grigorova” since February 2005 ЕТ "NEOTEXT" has been established and has operated since 1991.

During the period from 1996 to 2000 the policy of the company was directed to the involvement of a great part of the Bulgarian clients and to the development of the repair team, which was not the less important.
New employees were hired for that purpose and the company was equipped with new machinery and with different kinds of tools specific for the activity performed. 

The performance of high quality repair works increased the confidence in our company, and respectively – the number of clients, willing to buy our machines.

During the past ten years the company filled quite a large market share.
We have clients for which we have supplied new machines on several occasions that expanded their polygraphic stock and improved the quality and the deadlines of their services. 

The reference that we value the most is the satisfaction of our clients – Bulgarian National TV, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, Ministry of Home Affairs, "Dora Gabe" Ltd. etc., to which we still offer post guarantee service.
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Neomash Used printing Equipment

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